Daniel Solloway has a lifetime of experience and study in the fields of health, fitness, and athletics. Early on, Dan became interested in "Sports Science" as a means to improve his own athletic performance. Fortunately for Dan, his family steel business afforded him the opportunity to build various exercise equipment of his own unique designs. Even as a youngster Dan thought outside the box, and used his artistic aptitude to solve difficult engineering problems in order to create equipment that would provide a training benefit he sought.

     As a part of Dan's personal inquiry into Sport Science, he began to study the effects of nutrition and nutritional supplements on human athletic performance and general health. The study of nutrition, began while in his early teens, has continued unabated to this very day.

     While playing high school football, Dan suffered a lower back injury that followed him well into adulthood. While these back problems ended Dan's participation in organized athletics, it proved an important circumstance in Dan's personal development in the fields of health and fitness. Since his back injury, Dan could no longer follow a "traditional" route to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness. As a result, Dan developed the "Hydro-Tone" system of exercise, as a means to provide intense, anaerobic exercise in a total body format that Dan knew was the best means to achieve his lifelong fitness and health goals.

     As the inventor of Hydro-Tone, Dan performed research on the efficacy of his new concept. Being a water based exercise system, Hydro-Tone proved to be both gentle on the joints but also enormously effective as an intense anaerobic workout. Dan realized that he had created something not only unique in concept but amazingly beneficial as well. This knowledge eventually led to the formation of "Hydro-Tone International, Inc." a company based on Dan's original 13 U.S. and International patents. While employed with Hydro-Tone International, (1986 through 1992) Dan was director of research and development, (product design), as well as testing and human performance research.

     During his tenure with Hydro-Tone, Dan had the opportunity to meet the top experts in the fields of Sports Science, athletics, fitness, health, and rehabilitation. Dan continued his research in nutrition and exercise and came to be sought as a lecturer throughout the United States, Japan and Australia.

    Beginning in 1998, Dan took his expertise to the airwaves on Talk Radio KTOK AM 1000 on "Dan Solloway's Health and Fitness Forum". He has been on the air ever since, moving to KOKC AM 1520 in 2005, with "Dan Solloway's Health and Fitness Show". As the host of his own health and fitness program, Dan has interviewed such giants as Dr. Atkins (Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution), Berry Sears (The Zone Diet), Doug Kaufman (The Fungus Link), Michael Eades, M.D. (Protein Power Lifeplan), and Dr. Burton Goldberg Ph.D. (publisher of "Alternative Medicine") The list of Dan's radio guests is too extensive to list here, but a more complete listing will become available on this web site.

     Dan earned his Ph. D. in 2005 form Chatworth College of Natural Heath and Nutritional Sciences, under the tutelage of Dr. Larry McDade. Dan continually searches for the latest breakthroughs to help his listener solve their health problem so they can know the blessing of abundant health and vitality.

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